Monday Motorbikes Gateway

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Vendor : Power On Ebikes

Product Type : ebike

If you're out of our area, we can ship bikes directly to your front door. Please call us at (713) 816-1390 to check on availability and shipping times!
If you are located in the Houston area, we recommend coming for free test rides and a professional bike fitting.

Front & Rear Suspension
Hydraulic front forks and rear shocks give you a smoother riding experience both on and off-road.

Pedal-assist Gateway motorbike by Monday Motorbikes
Advanced Pedal-Assist Combined with Full-Twist Throttle
With pedal-assist riding, you can go farther while conserving your own energy. You can also decide not to pedal at all. Your ride, your way.

Removable Battery
Our high energy-dense lithium-ion battery is perfectly integrated into the frame to fulfill a sleek V-shaped design. It can be easily removed and charged with standard US outlets.

Smart Color Display
With our smart display, you can keep track of time, speed, distance, and the overall health of your bike.

High-Visibility Blue Halo Headlight
A blue halo headlight facilitates a safer experience so you're never riding in the dark. Additionally, the illumination helps make you more visible to others who may be sharing the road.

Extended Seat
The Gateway's updated and extended seat gives you more support and surface area. With a larger seat, you also get more flexibility and comfort for various riding styles—whether you like a more upright riding position or prefer to sit further away from the handlebars.

Rear Taillight with Integrated Brake Light and Reflector
Stay safe while riding day or night with a reflecting rear taillight and integrated brake light when you pull the levers.

Smart App
See metrics like ride parameters and bike health from anywhere when you download our app.