Premium Electric Bikes

Technologically advance 110 Miles Long Range Bike

Innovative Company run by, Battery Scientist & Propulsion engineers.

Founding team in Zen is not only electric bike evangelists but also subject matter experts in the field. Zen co-founders include a battery research scientist, principal motor engineer with decade long experience in electric vehicles and tech solution architect. Zen advisory board includes Dr. Jeff Dahn, who is currently the NSERC/Tesla Canada Inc. Industrial Research Chair and Canada Research Chair in Materials for Advanced Batteries and current and former CEOs of chemical and materials companies.

Why Zen Electric Bikes ?

When it comes to choosing an electric bike, the market offers numerous options, each with varying features and prices. At Zen, we understand that quality and performance matter most to our customers. That's why we've committed ourselves to use only the best-in-class components for our bikes, ensuring a top-notch user experience.

While our e-bikes may seem slightly pricier than the average low-cost options in the market, we believe that the long-range, longer lifespan, better warranty, and overall ultimate e-bike experience we provide more than justifies the cost. In fact, when compared to other top-range e-bikes in the market, our bikes are approximately 20% less expensive, making them an excellent value for your investment.

So, if you're looking for an electric bike that delivers superior performance, longevity, and warranty while still being affordable, look no further than Zen.


28 Mph

Bike Top Speed

1000Wh Dual Battery

Bike's Battery Capacity

Upto 110 Miles

Battery Range

350W, 85Nm

Motor & Torque

Technical Specification

Motor Bosch Gen 4 Motor
Battery Bosch Power tube 500 (500wh) + Power pack 500 (500wh)
Rear Hub Kindernay
Shifter Rear Kindernay Z
Rear Derailleur Kindernay
Frame Aluminum
Brakes Magura MT 4/5
Fork Fox 34
Front Axle/ Skewer Fox
Display Kiok
Assist Levels Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo
Lights Supernova lights - 1400 lumens
Saddle Ergon SFC3
Handlebar Zen Bar, S/ M 660mm, L/ XL 680mm
Stem Satori Adjustable S/ 65mm M/ 90mm L/ XL 110mm
Grips Ergon GP1
Seat Post Kinekt Suspension Seatpost
Seat Post Clamp Promax
Chain Gates Belt Drive
Crank Set E13
Headset Cane Creek Forty
Throttle NA
Rims Sun Ringle Duroc Sd37
Front Hub Sun Ringle SRC
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    The Samurai platform combines the latest generation Bosch mid-drive motor, and internal gearbox paired with Gates Carbon Drive to offer maintenance-free operation in all weather conditions. The dua...

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